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About us

Heartland Table Pads is a manufacturing table pad company located in the middle of the Amish area in LaGrange County, northern-eastern Indiana.

Each order is produced with care and respect to our customers who trusted us to supply a custom product at the highest possible quality.

We are exceptionally friendly and caring group of professionals who take joy in our work and especially in the satisfaction of our customers.

In addition to manufacturing table pads, table extension pads, card table extenders, we have a small production facility equipped to produce custom table leaf bags and custom table pad bags. This is the only facility in the USA providing customers with custom leaf and table pad bags at any requested size.

We have over forty years business experience, with a vast acquired knowledge in the field. Therefore, we can provide you with the best solution to answer your needs.

All offered products are Made in the U.S.A. by domestic workforce using domestic material sources. Items we are producing are very high-quality products, and they are selling at a bit higher price than cheap imports or mass produced items made by our competition.

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All products advertised on this website are made without using any harmful materials. Core boards for the table, billiard and sewing products are made of recycled material. Mention products are glued together using water-based adhesives. Most of the corrugated waste in the production process is being collected and sent back for recycling.

The top vinyl material used in production is bisphenol free. It is not found or formulated in any soft vinyl products manufactured by our supplier.