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In addition to custom-made dining room table pads, we produce custom pads for business tables, side tables, end tables, buffets, pianos, coffee tables, and even large pads for long conference tables. Contact us for more details.

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If you need a template paper, vinyl top, or velvet underlining material color samples, construction samples, or any other request, please fill-up the 


FREE QUICK LOCKS, $25.00 Value

K.W. (CO) Aug 218: My table pad arrived today and it is a perfect fit. I am attaching pictures of my dining room table without leaf. Thank you!

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    B.Q. (NC): An overdue thank you note!Although my new table pads arrived in April, my new table didn't arrive until the last weekend of June! Based on how favorable your customer reviews were, I didn't even bother to open the box until the table was finally delivered and in place since I was so confident they would be just as expected. My confidence in Heartland Table Pads was well-rewarded - they are great looking and fit perfectly! My thanks to you and your team at Heartland Table Pads for a "Made in the USA" product that will serve me well for many years to come!

    D. L. (PA): We received the pads on Saturday, 
    My wife & I were amazed at how quickly we received them. They are perfect in every way.
    The quality is just incredible, the colors are perfect with our new dining set and the fit is excellent.
    We thank you again for the amazing service and quality work & products.

    J&E G. (MA): We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new table pad. Thanks to all who worked on our order for the precise workmanship and quality of the finished product. It fits and protects our Hitchcock table perfectly.

    What Is A Table Pad?

    One of the most important things you can do to preserve the finish of your dining or antique table through many years of use is to protect its surface from everyday hazards.  Chemical coatings might help against some spills, but only custom tabletop padding can provide complete protection, including protection from scratches and nicks and exposure to excessive heat.

    How Are Table Pads Made?

    Our table pads are handcrafted by experienced people whose work is defined by their patience and skills. We use the best materials available to provide you with the best product for your hard-earned dollar. All table pads are custom-made.

    We produce our table pads in three layers. Our core board is a 7/16"-thick, light-density, smooth fiberboard. This board is wrapped up in smooth velour-like material. On the surface side, we laminate two of the insulation felt materials to create a 3/16" thick layer. This table pad side is wrapped up in vinyl material. The finished pad has a total thickness of 5/8". This composition retains enough flexibility to allow the pads to lie very flat. We only use water-based adhesive from Indiana based manufacturer. We never use animal glue.

    Table Pad Colors

    We have22 available top vinyl colors and eight velour-like underlining colors.

    A New Jersey manufacturer makes the surface vinyl material. The smooth velour, velvet-like underlining is manufactured by two companies based in Massachusetts. Their manufacturing process is fully compliant with the best environmentally-friendly standards and methods. Mentioned materials are phthalate compliment for California Proposition 65.

    Are The Table Pads Protecting Against Heat Source?

    All three manufacturers advertise table pads protection against heat up to 550° to 600° F. However, the table pad will protect your table surface against the ACCIDENTAL heat source. Still, in the process, the table pad will be damaged. Protect the top surface of your table pad with coasters, or do not put any very hot or cold items directly on the vinyl surface.

     What Is Our Interlocking Device?  Quick  Lock ™ 

    Depending on table size, pads are produced in two or more sections. Hidden from view, Quick-Lock™ connectors keep pad sections securely locked together and eliminate sliding. Made of very high-quality plastic.

     Table Pad Locking System

    Our Quick Locks™ are in use since the '80s, and they proved to be a good interlocking solution.

    The locking device is composed of two pieces. One straight piece fits into the U-shaped piece

    to create the locking effect. The way they are installed on the table pad section allows for any

    combination of the pad sections to be locked together.

    Manufacturers use different interlocking devices such as magnets, swing locks, and fabric

    locks. With varying degrees of reliability, all of them are intended to provide the single function

    of preventing table pad sections from separating. Each connector type has its advantages

    and disadvantages. Magnet locks intuitively seem to be a good solution, but they do not reliably hold pad sections together. Though swing locks and quick locks reliably keep all sections securely locked together, when not in use they can break off if the pads are not positioned or packed properly during storage; nor can they be used with curved table pad sections. Since fabric locks are stored separately, there is the problem of locating them when their use is required.

    How Do I Measure My Table?

    Measure the overall width and length of the flat surface of the table.

    Accuracy is important. Try to measure in 1/16" using the metal flexible

    tape measure. Measure the width (shorter measurement) of the leaf (leaves).

    If there is a very small bevel or your table is a glass table, you might want to

    cover the bevel, too.

    Enter sizes in the Order Form. Let us know the shape of your table. Populate 

    all other required fields. If you have the table manufacturer name and the model number, we likely have that pattern on file. If your table has simple round corners and cannot measure the corner radius, you can take a "bird's eye" photo of the corner (see the example) and send it along with the ordering form. Drop the attachment into the green field on the right bottom side of the form. It is important to have the tape measure clearly visible. Alternatively, you can download this PDF and compare lines to your table corner.

    How To Make A Tracing Of The Table Shape?

    If you do not have a manufacturer and the model number, you might have to make a tracing of your table shape. You can use your paper or request a tracing kit from us. You do not need to make a pattern for the table with square corners or rounded corners (see the note above) or for the round table.

    • Lay the pattern paper flat on the table surface. If your table has a center seam or additional leaves, line up the flat edge of the paper with the center split.
    • Place heavy books on the paper to keep it from moving. Take a pattern of one-half of the table.
    • With a hand, follow the table edge and create a crease. Highlight this shape with the crayon or the pencil lead side. Do not include rounded or beveled edges.
    • Do not cut along the tracing line. Leave that to us.

    Mail the tracing back to us in the pre-paid envelope or to this address:


    401 N. Main St (395)

    Wolcottville, IN 46795

    How Are You Going To Construct My Table Pad?

    Table pad construction depends on the table pad size, shape, and the kind of table that you need a table pad. Also, it depends on the production material width, machinery limitations, and limitations in shipping.

    The main table pad section (without leaves) is always produced in two sections unless there are no leaves and the size is under 54 x 42 square or oval.
    All table pads up to 54" in width are produced with one fold. We can make even larger ones with one fold (up to 60" round or rectangular) if you request. In this case, the shipping cost will be higher.
    Wider table pads are produced in sections or with two to three hinges (like an accordion).
    All table pads shorter than 84" will be cut in two sections; longer ones will be cut in three or more sections depending on the overall length.

    Call us if you want to learn the exact construction for your particular table.

    M.A. (NJ) Hi, I just got my table pads, love them! They fit my table perfectly and are thick and beautiful. Thank you, M.A.

    How Do I Clean/Care For My Table Pad

    Use the mildly wet cotton or microfiber cloth to clean your vinyl table pad surface. If the surface becomes dirtier, you could use disinfecting wipes to clean the area, but use a dry cloth to wipe the moisture. Do not clean the underlining velour-like material with anything moist. Use a fine brush to brush it off.


    M.C. (VA): The table pads we ordered arrived today. They look fantastic and were perfectly sized and shaped.

    J.D (NV): Thanks for all your help and great service! Don,
    Please add me to your list of very satisfied dining table pad customers. My order was easily placed, received timely, and beautifully made. Thank you and your staff for your excellent service. J.D