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Card Table Xtender  48", 52" and 54" Round


Due to the lower demand, we do not always keep them in stock. If you need an immediate shipment, please call to check if we have a particular size and color in stock.

Card Table Xtenders will be shipped within six business days, dating from our receipt of the order, except during the November and December holidays every year.

If they are ordered after the deadline for delivery before the holidays, they will be shipped out AFTER the holidays.


Ten years warranty to cover materials and craftsmanship.

All Card Table Extenders are made in ONE PIECE that FOLDS IN HALF for easy storage and handling.

Note to our customers about the shipping cost:  

Be aware that UPS and FedEx  Ground Service charge up to $24.00 Additional Handling Fee on shipping boxes where the longest side exceeds 48" or the package is over 105" in length and girth. All our Card Table Xtender boxes are longer than 48".

M.K.A. (TX):  Dear Heartland Table Pads, I just wanted to let you know that I am so pleased and amazed at the quality of the table pads that I just received from you. I googled “table extenders” a couple of weeks ago and looked through several sights. I decided on your products and I cannot be more pleased. They arrived in just a few days' time and were carefully boxed for their trip from Indiana to Texas. When I unpacked them I could not believe how beautiful they were. They are beautifully made! I cannot wait to use them. Thank you so much!
Sincerely, MKA

M.K. (OH): I like the one I ordered last month so much that I'm ordering another card table extender.

A.B. (KY): Just wanted to thank you for the prompt and perfect service I received in a recent purchase from you. I ordered a 48” round card table Xtender and it’s a great product. Thank you, too for sending me color samples. That’s a nice ‘perk’ and quite helpful in knowing what to expect. My mother has recently downsized and missed having a table large enough to work her 1,000 piece puzzles. The one she had was only a 36” round, so adding a 48” Xtender was a nice improvement and holds a large puzzle quite well. An additional plus ~ and due to the soft backing on the Xtender ~ she can turn the entire ‘table top’ around quite easily to work a different side of the puzzle without getting up. She simply loves the convenience! The good customer service experience, product quality, and price made buying from you a very pleasant experience. Have already shared your name with others.

S.O. (CO): I am sending a thank you for sending a new tabletop extender in the correct size and not requesting a return of the original. The first one was sent to me as a gift from my sister and I was so excited to have one, but it was slightly too small. These are beautiful tabletop extenders and I am thrilled to have them. Know we will have it for years to come. It is so rare these days to do business with gracious people. Very much appreciate your assistance and accommodation. You will get nothing but praise from me. Thank you again!

MP (PA) The card table extender arrived today ( Nov 5) It is perfect !!! It is sturdy yet light-weight so I can easily carry it. The covering on it looks really nice, and the felt on the back is great. I am very pleased. Thank you.

CS. (KS): Hello, I have just received my tabletop extender and LOVE it! Perfect fit and it looks so smart. My little dining room table needed to be expanded so that I could serve more than 4 people and this was the perfect solution!

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If you have a pedestal table, at the checkout add a request for the  LONGER STRAPS                                           $5.00

52" Round Xtender    $219.00

  • Accommodates seven to eight people for card games and six to seven for dining.
  • For use on round tables with a minimum diameter of 38".
  • Enlarges rectangular or square tables with a diagonal measurement that does not exceed 51 ½".
  • Available Colors: Sand, Chestnut, Cinnamon, Black, White, Green



To avoid the protrusion of table corners beyond the circumference of one of our standard-sized round Xtenders, it is essential to check the diagonal measurement of the rectangular or square surface you wish to cover.

Round Table Xtenders™ are available in diameters of 48", 52", and 54". During holiday gatherings or due to other special events, whether in your home or office, you might occasionally discover that your tables or other work surfaces are not large enough for the surrounding placement of the desired number of chairs. The folding table Xtender™ is your solution. It provides excellent protection to the surface of the underlying structure. It's easy to use and folds up and stores away in a small space when not in use. And it is surprisingly affordable, too. They are available in round or custom-made square shapes. Call for details.

54" Round Xtender   $229.00

  • Accommodates seven to eight people for card games and six to seven for dining.
  • For use on round tables with a minimum diameter of 40".
  • Enlarges rectangular or square tables with a diagonal measurement that does not exceed 53 ½".
  • Available Colors: Sand, Chestnut, Black

48" Round Xtender    $189.00

  • Accommodates six people for card games and five for dining.
  • For use on round tables with a minimum diameter of 36".
  • Enlarges rectangular or square tables with a diagonal measurement that does not exceed 47 ½."
  • Available Colors: Sand, Chestnut, Black, Cinnamon, Cranberry, Ivory, White,  Green


Online orders are limited to four (4) Table Xtenders in a single order.

If you wish to increase that quantity in a single order, do not attempt to order online. Instead, give us a call.

    Facts About Our Xtenders

  • Constructed in ONE PIECE - FOLDS IN HALF
  • They are made of a sturdy core board laminated with two layers of insulating felt in the underlining for a full 5/8" thickness.
  • They have a strengthened vinyl surface laminated to an entirely woven underlining for long-lasting durability.
  • The underlining is a smooth-woven, brushed polyester. Heartland is the only company using this highly durable and very smooth material, which provides excellent protection to the underlying tabletop.
  • Heartland is the only manufacturer producing foldable, single-piece 54" round Xtenders.
  • Each Xtender comes with Velcro® connector straps for attachment to table legs. They are used for extra positioning durability.
  • Longer straps for fastening around the supporting column of pedestal tables are also available. During the checkout, please add the request for the longer straps with Velcro® sets for an additional $5.00

B.S. (MO): We received our table extender and it is wonderful!  What a fabulous concept. We down-sized from a huge dining room set to a 48" round table. This will be perfect for those occasions when we have 6 or 8 for dinner. It's just lovely and so nicely made. Thank you for providing this great idea!!

Table Extenders are made in one piece. They fold in half

Straps are added to Xtender for you to anchor it to your table