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Table Pads for Dining Table
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In addition to custom-made dining room table pads, we produce custom pads for business tables, side tables, end tables, buffets, pianos, coffee tables, and even large pads for long conference tables. Contact us for more details.

Dining Room Table Pads
Table Top Pad
Custom Made Table Pads

Manufacturers use different interlocking devices such as magnets, swing-locks, fabric locks, and other similar systems. With varying degrees of reliability, all of them are intended to provide the single function of preventing table pad sections from separating. Each connector type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Magnet locks intuitively seem to be a good solution, but they do not reliably hold pad sections together. Though swing locks and quick locks reliably keep all sections securely locked together, when not in use they can break off if the pads are not positioned or packed properly during storage; nor can they be used with curved table pad sections. Since fabric locks are stored separately, there is the problem of locating them when their use is required.

It is a good idea to decide on locking devices with your purchase order, especially if your table pad is not large. It does not take a lot of pressure to make smaller pads slide away from each other.

Quick-Lock system is easy to use, locks in two directions and it is out of sight when in use.


Depending on table size, pads are produced in two or more sections. Hidden from view, Quick-Lock™ connectors keep pad sections securely locked together and eliminate sliding.

Custom Table Pads

Protect your table with our custom made table pad top

One of the most important things you can do to preserve the finish of your dining or antique table through many years of use is to protect its surface from everyday hazards.  Chemical coatings might help against some spills, but only custom tabletop padding can provide complete protection, including protection from scratches and nicks and exposure to excessive heat.

Please read our customer reviews. Repeatedly, they confirm our much-advertised determination to provide the highest quality in protective table padding at affordable prices and to provide the best customer service in the industry. The sheer volume of their laudatory comments reveals that our claims are not just advertising noise. It's more simple than that. It is the truth. We produce only one level of quality: PREMIUM, the absolute best quality table pads on the market. And we can proudly state, as well, that all of our suppliers are American companies whose materials are produced domestically.

Table Edge Bevel Shapes

Measuring your tabletop surface 

Accuracy is important. For best results, please measure only the table flat surface (without the bevel)  and do so to within 1/16 of an inch.

Table Pad for Dining Room Table

M.B. (WA) Hi Don and the Heartland Table Pads teams, We just received our table pad, ordered 11/26/21, and we are thrilled with the results. Everything about them is perfect. The fit, finish, materials, and packaging are/were all perfect. The table pad fits the table exactly. The built-in locks work well. I’m almost sad to cover this pad with a table cloth! I only wish I’d known about your company years ago when I made the unfortunate decision to use a cheap vinyl pad roll to "protect" the table. It didn’t: a glass candle holder broke and the smoldering candle burned right through the table cloth and thin pad.

The quality and craftsmanship of your table pads really show, and I know they will last a lifetime. I look forward to recommending you to all my family and friends. Regards, M.B. Seattle, WA

W.J. (CA) Received our tabletop today and we are so happy with the quality and it will serve our family so well! Thank you. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends and family.

CLaG (NY) Hi Don- I just received my table pads and they are absolutely beautiful!!! Most people email you if there's a problem, but I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product and for filling my order during these crazy times. I hope you and your employees stay safe. Thank you again, C.LaG.

G.H. (PA): We are thrilled with our table pads! They fit perfectly and look wonderful! So great doing business with a "Made in USA" company. We will definitely recommend you to others.

K.G. (OH): Hello, I just received my table pad and love it! Apparently, I didn't check the quick lockbox. Is there any way I can still get the locks?

B.R (NY): Don, The table pads are of beautiful quality, and fit perfectly. Absolutely beautiful…I don’t want to cover them with a tablecloth!

M.J. (MI): I ordered a table pad last month, which I love! When I ordered, I did not realize that I ordered it without the quick-locks (big mistake). My question to you is, do you have any suggestions on any aftermarket locking mechanisms to keep my pads from shifting?

R. S. (NY): Thank you so much. We received the table pad. It's perfect!! It got here so quickly. Excellent product and fantastic and service! R.S.

J.H-N (FL): Thank you for the wonderful table pad. I'm so glad we ordered through your company, the delivery was fast and great quality. Definitely, must have with small children.

E.F. (IL) I wanted to thank you for the beautiful, custom-made table pad for our very small kitchen table. It arrived in excellent condition on Wednesday, July 12, just as promised. It fits perfectly and matches the wood in the kitchen. I am so pleased and will happily recommend your company to others--not only for the excellent product and workmanship (and speed of service) but also for the friendly, helpful personnel with whom I was in contact--specifically Don. Thank you again. E.F.

S.H. (NC): Hi Don, Just to let you know that I have received the table pad and leaf today and they are perfect. The corner fits exactly and I like how well made and the color that they are. Thanks again for your help.

V.DM. (NY): I just took my new table pads out of the box and I have to say that I am completely thrilled with the product. Also very impressed with your turn around time... I ordered the pads online, after regular business hours (very easy process), on the 18th of July and received them on the 26th! Of course, my order was for a fairly long rectangular table, no fancy corners, or anything, but I'm still blown away that they got here so quickly. I will definitely recommend your company to any of my friends who may be in the market for your products

D.W. (GA): I just wanted to let you know that my table pad arrived yesterday and I am very pleased. It fits perfectly and arrived much sooner than I expected! Good job!

F. M. (CA): Thank you, Don, for all your help and advice in the research and purchase of our table pad. The entire buying experience was just great. Our table pad is great, we love it. Thank you.

B&S. B (IN): Don,  Just had our new table pad delivered this Saturday afternoon. Just to let you know that it fits perfectly. Thank you for the fine workmanship.

D&T S. (FL): Dear Mr. Unger, We had such a good feeling working with you on the phone, email, and USPS with samples. We were thrilled when we received our exceptional well-made tabletop and leaf pads. The materials and construction were perfect in every way. Though our table was non-traditional with corner cuts and had a fold and clamp leaf mechanism, we were confident you understood the needs - and you did! Thank You so much! We look forward to a lifetime of enjoyment and family memories. Blessings,  D & T

Table Pad Construction

Our table pads are handcrafted by experienced people whose work is defined as much by their patience as by their skills. Our manufacturing history reaches back to the 1920s, and we have greatly improved our production processes over the years. For a better perspective on manufacturing processes, it is interesting to note that there are only four major manufacturers in the U.S. Most of them use animal glue in their production, which we do not. Some of them manufacture their products with the use of a single core board. All manufacturers make their pads by hand in the final stages of production. There is just no way around it. So worker skill is crucial.

We distinguish ourselves from the pack by focusing on the retail customer. By doing so, our focus is on product quality rather than on trying to achieve economies of scale through mass production. Accordingly, we use the best materials available on the market to provide you with the best product for your hard-earned dollar. Our core board is a 7/16"-thick, light-density, smooth fiberboard. On the surface side, we laminate two of the insulation felt to create 3/16" thick material (the same as that used for roofing shingles and, in the auto industry, for noise reduction) to provide even more heat resistance. The finished pad has a total thickness of 5/8". This composition retains enough flexibility to allow the pads to lie very flat. The surface vinyl material is made in the USA by a New Jersey manufacturer. As is true of ours, their manufacturing process is fully compliant with the best environmentally-friendly standards and methods. Our materials are phthalate compliment for California Proposition 65. The aforementioned velour, velvet-like underlining, is manufactured by two companies based in Massachusetts.

To avoid animal glues' rigidness and odor, we use only water-based adhesives specially produced for our needs by an Ohio-based manufacturer. The adhesive is very flexible and strong. As indicated, all ingredients meet or exceed the most rigorous environmental-friendly requirements. We ourselves do not want to be exposed to hazardous materials during the production process. You can remain confident that our products will do the job of protecting your furniture without causing health problems to the users of our products.

We pack our products in a double-wall, cardboard carton with bubble wrapping to minimize the incidence of any damage in transportation. We never use loose-fill Styrofoam.


If you need a template paper, vinyl top, or velvet underlining material color samples, construction samples, or any other request, please fill-up the 


E.T. (MA) Working with Heartland Table Pads has been a pleasure from the first to last correspondence. The table pads are perfect...well made and attractive. Communication with the company is superb and the customer service is exemplary. Don has been very helpful in every step in the process. I recommend this company to anyone who needs a table pad for their table. Thank you, Heartland!

C.M.(NY) Nov 2018 (Voice-mail) "Hi my name is C***M*** and I just received my custom beautiful table pads and I wanted to call and thank you because they're beautiful the workmanship is gorgeous. They're even more beautiful than I would've imagined. So I already put them on the table for Thanksgiving and I just wanted to thank you and just let your folks know that you have a very appreciative customer who will tell her friends about you too. Thanks again. Bye."

DD (FL): OMGoodness Don, I just received the replacement pads. They are beautiful.  I didn't realize just how damaged the first set was till we put the new set on. It is gorgeous.  Exactly what we wanted. I am so happy that we chose you to make our dream come true. We had been looking for four years and just didn't feel comfortable ordering them. Thank you so much for all your help with measurements and for understanding my nervousness. You made the ordering process so much easier. Forever grateful, DD

M.P. (MN): Thank you so much for the wonderful service and fine craftsmanship of my new table pads. We received them yesterday and are thrilled with the results. Definitely will recommend you and return when in need of same products again!

V.W. (PA): Hi folks, received the table pads yesterday. They are wonderful. Thanks for getting them here before Thanksgiving. Our table was made from an ash tree from our property so it has great sentimental value. Crafted by a Mennonite friend. Also sending photos. Thanks again, Vickie

E.W. (NY): I ordered custom table pads for my new expensive dining room table. They were reasonably priced (around 225) which I found nothing for a table-valued over 1000 dollars. I placed my order online on a Sunday after following careful and well-detailed instructions on the site. Imagine my surprise when half an hour later I got a call (on a SUNDAY!) confirming my order and reviewing all measurements to make sure I made no errors when submitting. I paid an extra 20 dollars for expedited shipping and was given a delivery date about 3 weeks after I ordered. My table pads came today, several days early and they are amazing. The quality is great, and they are a PERFECT fit. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to protect a nice table.

D.M. (IL): (Voice-mail transcript): "Hi Don this is D.M. I just wanted to let you know that I received my table pad yesterday and they're beautiful and I thank you so much for all your help and wonderful and the quality is great and I really appreciate all you've done and if you need to call me back 847-***.**** I wanted to thank you personally for taking care of such good care of me. Thank you and have a good day and weekend bye-bye."

FREE QUICK LOCKS, $25.00 Value

K.W. (CO) Aug 218: My table pad arrived today and it is a perfect fit. I am attaching pictures of my dining room table without leaf. Thank you!

D.G. (MD): I received my table pads yesterday. They are perfect-size, color. I LOVE them!! Thank you for the great quality and super service!!!!!

A.H. (IL): Don, Received my order on Saturday and couldn't be more pleased! The quality and fit of the table pad are outstanding. Thank you again for such a superior product.

M.K. (NC): Hi Don- Just wanted to say thank you !! The table pads came out beautifully. Your product is top rate and the customer service you and your team provided was amazing!! I will recommend your company to all I know. Thanks again for a great job!!!

B.S. Jan 2020: I love my tabletop! It’s perfect. I bought a new table and had no idea where to find a new top (my other pad was ordered through the furniture store). I’m so glad my internet search led me to Heartland (I did look through other websites). When I called for info on my order they were so kind and helpful. I was so excited when it arrived. I highly recommend Heartland Table Pads. Thank you!❤️

P.A. (CO): Having just received our beautiful new dining room table pads, I take much pleasure in writing this note praising your company for the lovely and precise work they did for us. We are more than thrilled and actually amazed at finding a company that performed in a most reliable and skilled way. The workmanship and personal contact were remarkable as was your pricing. I am having a great time passing along to all my family and friends your Heartland Company name..I feel quite smart in having selected your company from all the others displayed online! Smart and very well rewarded!!

      Dining Room Table Pad Protector

       Custom Made Affordable Table Pads

  • 5/8"-thick table pads protect the table surface from accidental heat exposure up to 550°F.
  • The patented Quick-Lock™ clip keeps all protective pad sections securely locked together.                         
  • Three layers of material protect your table against accidental damage caused by hot plates or pots.    
  • Pad underlinings are a suede-like velour material.
  • On-time holiday deliveries – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter.

L.L (VA) Jan 2019: We just received the new table pad! It's beautiful and fits perfectly! Thank you so much for such a great job! I would recommend your company to anyone looking for a table pad. Thanks again.

A.C (IN): We are extremely happy with our table pad. It is outstanding workmanship and it greatly exceeded our expectations. It really looks great on our table. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family in the future. It is awesome that this product is made in the great state of Indiana!

E.C. (OR): Just want you to know we're so happy with our new table pads. The locking system is so nice! The pads stay in place, and the quality is so high. They're thicker than our old ones and really look great on our table. Your customer service is so outstanding. We wish other companies would take note of how satisfied customers bring referrals! Elaine C.

S.B (WI) Hello Don, We received the table pads we ordered this past Saturday. We are so very happy with the finished product. It fits perfectly and the quality is outstanding. We were delighted that they arrived so quickly. Thanks again and we will highly recommend Heartland Table Pads.

J. Q. (MD) I received the pad today and just wanted to thank you again for your help. They are exactly as ordered, very well made and I appreciate the quick turn-around. It was a pleasure doing business with Heartland!

M.A. (NJ) Hi, I just got my table pads, love them! They fit my table perfectly and are thick and beautiful. Thank you, M.A.

R.D. (GA): Hello! I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my table pads. We finally got our furniture yesterday, and the pads are a perfect fit! I couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you!!!

S.S. (CO): Got my pads about a week or two ago and LOVE them! They fit perfectly and are beautiful. Thank you and your staff for the friendly service and wonderful craftsmanship! Sincerely, SS.


D. T. (NJ): Just wanted to say thank you for delivering us a quality product right on time. It was nice to chat with you on the phone briefly after the order was placed and as you promised we are very pleased with the product. Stay well.

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BQ (NC): An overdue thank you note!

Although my new table pads arrived in April, my new table didn't arrive until the last weekend of June! Based on how favorable your customer reviews were, I didn't even bother to open the box until the table was finally delivered and in place since I was so confident they would be just as expected. My confidence in Heartland Table Pads was well-rewarded - they are great looking and fit perfectly! My thanks to you and your team at Heartland Table Pads for a "Made in the USA" product that will serve me well for many years to come!