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Your family grew? A lot of people coming to your home for a dinner? Do you need table extension ideas on how to enlarge dining room table top surface for extra seating? Do you need a temporary dining table extension?


  • Thanksgiving family gatherings
  • Birthday parties 
  • Religious holidays 
  • Wedding parties
  • Graduation celebration 

Enlarging the dining room table with the table top extender become simple. Purchasing Extension Table Top Pad is the answer.

Rectangular or similar shaped tables can be extended  up to 16" in width and up to 56" in length*

Oval or similar shaped tables can be extended up to 16" in width and up to 52" in length* or as rectangular Extension Pads with added leg supports.

* Certain restriction apply, depending on overall Table Extension Pad width and length.

Round Table Extending Rules:

  • Your table up to 56 inches in diameter can be extended up to 16" in diameter. [Example: Your 50" round table extended to 66" Round]
  • Your table over 58 inches in diameter can be extended up to 14" in diameter. [Example: Your 62" round table extended to 76"Round]

We can accommodate a lot of different requests. However, certain limitations apply. We are table extender specialists, and we offer a FREE CONSULTATION as we have to take into account the size of your dining room, sitting space, access to chairs, etc. Very often converting capsule shaped table to a rectangular and adding two additional sets of support legs brings you more sitting space than expanding existing oval table with oval Table Extension Pad.

You can order any corner shape for your rectangular Extension Pad - from square to any size radius.

All Custom Table Extension Covers are made to fold in half width-wise to enable easy storage and handling. 

In our production process, we use only resin, water-based adhesives, and we never use animal adhesives.

Are you searching for how to make a dining table bigger for more diners? Searching for the solution to extending your existing round, oval or rectangular dining table? Need folding dining room table space saver?  You are wondering how to extend your dining table? Our dining Table Extender topper creates additional seating space for your dinner party, holiday family gathering or any other occasion or function. Great alternative to expandable dining tables, extends the table top with more flexibility.

We can produce any rectangular extension table top or any other shape you choose. Round table extension pad can be up to 84" in diameter. 

Table Extender with additional legs: Legged Extender pad provides seating for 4 - 8 more people. Legs are made of real wood (Ash-wood) stained in dark oak to go along with any top vinyl color or room furniture.

Our Premium Extension Pad is sturdy but at the same time lightweight. It is produced laminating two 7/16" solid medium density, light fiberboard material into a full 7/8" thick product. The connection between sections is secured with Velcro® sets horizontally placed on each adjacent board and it is hidden when connected. Adding any weight to the top of the Extension Pad makes this connection even stronger. 

Top vinyl material: We are the only table pad company using fabric mesh backed vinyl for added strength and durability. 

The bottom material is a soft black brushed polyester fabric. Polyester is known for its durability, effortless cleaning, and compatibility to your table surface. 

WARRANTY: Three years  warranty to cover materials and craftsmanship.

Connected sections

* Several specific requirements must be taken into consideration for us to be able to offer the right solution for your table extension.  For that reason, we are not able to offer online ordering for rectangular and oval Table Extension Pads. We offer a free consultation, call us or email us.


Please, fill in the form or contact us with your questions. Describe your table and what would you like to accomplish extending it. We will send you a detailed answer and offer a solution for your specific situation. 

  How to order Rectangular or Oval Extension Pad


How To Extend A Dining Room Table For Extra Seating Space?

» Round Table Extension Pads from 54" to 84" Diameter

» Rectangular or Oval Table Extension Pads

    CONTACT us by email or CALL FOR THE PRICE QUOTE * 


           Custom Table Extension Pad 
Without Additional Legs
Extends table up to 16" in width and up to 20" in length
With One Set of Legs
Extends table up to 16" in width and up to 36" in length
With Two Sets of Legs
Extends table up to 16" in width and up to 56" in length


Heartland Table Pads Patent No. 8383224

Extended table pad assembly with legs

View from underneath 

Table seating extended double by adding 52" in length and 14" in width


#1) Seating for 10 people enlarged with Table Extender Pad to seating for 14 (40x60 table extended to 50x108). #2) 42" roundtable converted with 60" Round Extension Pad (Seating for 4 to sitting for 8). #3) Table 45x104, seating for 8-10 converted to 45x164,  to accommodate up to 20 people. 

Our Table Extension Pads are 7/8" thick but yet lightweight.

We are the only Extension Table Pad manufacturer using top vinyl material with reinforced back (shown below, left) for the long-lasting product durability. 

Before                              After

EXPEDITE:  We can produce and ship out your order within 6 days.  

SUPER RUSH: If ordered by 9:00 AM [EST] we can produce it the same day and ship it out the next day.

K.F. (CA) August 2016 Hello Mr. Tabletop! I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with my new tabletop. It is the perfect size and definitely can seat 12 people nicely. I am positively thrilled with this tabletop extender. Plus, it was wonderful that it arrived so quickly. Thank you very, very much. Your happy customer,K..F.. PS - I've included a photo of my table with 12 place settings.

M.J. (WA) October 2016: My lovely table top extender was waiting for me when I arrived home from a recent trip. I freed it from its bubble-wrap blanket and set it up. It went together quite easily. I expected utilitarian, like thick round dowels for legs. The furniture-quality legs were a delightful surprise. So I am quite pleased.

I was particularly pleased to see the note about the lifetime warranty, even if damaged though my own negligence. Hopefully that never occurs but if it should, I'm glad to know it can be repaired.

Thanks for your patience with me and for the product which is going to bring great pleasure to my family, particularly those who - at times - get assigned seating at the bar.


 P.M. (MA) Oct. 2016:  Don,This is terrific and I really like the flexibility of having two options. I appreciate your help! I have contacted a few different pad companies and you are the most knowledgeable and helpful! I will make my payment now and look forward to Thanksgiving! :-) Best,Pam

After she received our product:

P.M. (MA) Nov. 2016:  Good Morning Don - We just put together our table and it works beautifully! The quality is fantastic and so easy. I am thrilled with the purchase! Thanks, Pam

D.W. (CO) Mar. 2017: Omg, I love love my new round 60-inch table pad. This turned my 40 inch round table into the perfect alternative when I need to entertain for a group of 6-8 guest.
This table pad is sturdy and the dark brown was a perfect match to my table base. The Velcro down the center, as well as the ribbon ties underneath, keep it securely in place. I can feel confident recommending this product to friends.

Please feel free to cut and paste the above review if needed. I personally don't go on social media or Yelp type sites and post reviews. Sent from my iPhone

K.F. (CA) August 2016 Hello Mr. Tabletop! I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with my new tabletop. It is a perfect size and definitely can seat 12 people nicely. I am positively thrilled with this tabletop extender. Plus, it was wonderful that it arrived so quickly. Thank you very, very much. Your happy customer, K..F.  PS - I've included a photo of my table with 12 place settings.

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H.H. (SC) Nov. 2016: These pads came quickly, and they are beautiful! Thank you so much!! We'll be able to accommodate 10 easily. I'm surprised at how substantial they are:-) Yay!!  Helen.

F.O. (CA) Nov. 2016: Thank you so much for the great work on my table extension. It works beautifully, was easy to put together, and you made it so easy for me to get you what you needed to do it right. It also got here very quickly. Way exceeds my customer service expectations. And in more than enough time for Thanksgiving!!

J.W. (CA) Nov. 2016: Hello Mr. Unger, I have used my table extension several times and I am delighted with this product. It is easy to set up and take down and the table is very stable. It transforms my 43 x 79-inch table into an 80 inch round table, perfect for hosting a large dinner. It is ideal for 8-10 people and I have managed to seat 12 people adequately.
The individual service you gave was terrific! You came up with a solution that makes the best use of my limited space for the table and seating space I need now and then.
I forgot to take before and after photos – I'll try to send them next time! Thank you so much for a wonderful product, and wonderful service.

S.F. (TN) Nov. 2016: Hello, Don, I hope you enjoyed a pleasant and restful Thanksgiving holiday. I am sure you needed a well-deserved break after the rush to deliver table top extension pads in time for holiday meals! I could not be more pleased with my 72" round table top extension pad. This simple but elegant solution solved a long-standing problem at my house. As you can see in the first picture, we have a small 60" round dining table that seats 6 people. This size meets our "empty nester" needs 99% of the time, and we really would not want a larger table in our compact patio home. However, when the holidays arrive, it is a challenge to comfortably seat all our family members at the table. With your 72" round table top extension pad, we were able to seat 7 people spaciously, and could very easily have seated an 8th person, which actually will be needed next year, when a new grandchild joins our family. I love the substantial padding provided by the table top extender, eliminating the need for trivets or coasters. The leather-like vinyl cover is attractive and could be used without a tablecloth for a casual meal. And, maybe the best part, is how easy it is to fold up the two-piece table top extension pad for storage until needed again. Thank you for this excellent product and service, and for your prompt response in answering my questions. Do not hesitate to share my pictures and comments with prospective customers, to help them make a decision to purchase a tabletop extension pad.

B.D. (UT) Dec. 2017: Thanks Heartland! Our table pads are working out great for us. Our small rectangular table works fine for the two of us but when we have company it is just too small. The oval pads allow us to seat 6 or 7 very comfortably and after we eat, it works great as a card or game surface. When not needed, they fold up and take up very little space in the garage. This was a much better option than buying a new table. Thanks for all the help by phone as we worked through our decision.

K.P. (CA) Jan. 2018 Hi Don, The rest of the table pieces arrived yesterday, and we set it up last night. The table is absolutely perfect!!!!! I am so thrilled with how it turned out! I had looked and looked through Google searches many times in the past, thinking someone surely must be able to design a table extender, and this time, I found you! I think you may well be the only company doing something like this, and at the very least I’m sure no one is doing it as well. The design is brilliant and the quality of the work is perfection. I am so glad I found you! After this weekend I will take a photo of the table and send it to you to accompany the review I just gave you (along with my permission to post), above.

Thank you so VERY much for doing what you do!!!! Sincerely, K.P.

D.B (UT) Dec 2018: Don, Yes, we received it. It looks great. I thought I had responded earlier, but it stayed in my outbox as a draft, so sorry for not responding earlier. We have been blessed over the holidays with having our large (25-30) family with us, and the extender worked out perfectly. When we needed the larger table to fit 8, it went on and worked out well. When we needed the smaller for a smaller group or table games, it came off. Thanks for going the extra mile to make this extender available for us before the Holidays. We know that was not expected, but you did exceed our expectations. Well done. I now probably need to learn about your storage boxes or covers.

Thanks again for helping our holiday gathers turn out so well.

Table 38 x 81 (seating for 6) converted to 52 x 130 (seating for up to 14)

C.P. (WA) Dec 2016:  My table pad extender came today. I couldn't be more pleased with both the quality and your service!! THANK YOU. I wish I had also ordered my regular table pad from your company. You may recall I had already placed my order with Sentry when we first spoke. They have now sent two table pads....both were defective; warped and wouldn't close properly. They want to send a third....if that one isn't acceptable I will ask for a refund and place the order with you. Happy Holidays. Paula

R.S. (TN) Dec. 2016: I wanted to let you know how absolutely pleased I am with my new table pad!!! It arrived as promised and I was over the top excited when I opened it. I knew from reading the comments on your website it would be nice…but the quality far exceeded my expectations!!! It is definitely worth every penny!! Your company is a pleasure to do business with, thank you so much!!! We were able to comfortably fit our family at our table for Christmas dinner. I am attaching pictures of the table at a previous Christmas and one at this Christmas so you can see the difference with the additional space!!!! Have a wonderful 2017!!!!

A.C. (NY) Jan. 2017: Just a quick note to let you know the table extension looks great! I am looking forward to using it when our kids and their significant others join us for Sunday dinner. You produce a very nice and useful product! Thank you!

Before                                                            After

54" to 72" ROUND Extension Pad  

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74" to 84" ROUND Extension  Pad    

 Click BUY button to select the size and color    

L.B (NJ) June 2017: Dear Don, Thank you for my beautiful table extending pad. The quality is exceptional and I can now seat 6 people VERY COMFORTABLY! I also can't thank you enough for delivering this early. I'm having friends over for dinner this Friday and this timely delivery is perfect! You're the best.

N.L. (OH) Hello, We enjoy daily meals in our sunroom, but our table only seats 4-5 people. Now, with the extension pads, we ordered from Heartland, the table seats 8-9 with room for serving dishes as well. We are very satisfied with the extensions – they are easy to use and seem quite durable. Thank you for great service and an affordable, quality product.

B.S (NY): Sept. 2017: Don!!! I just set up my table pads/extender! Without the middle insert, the table will seat 9/10! I am so happy with this purchase. It is going to be portable between my house apartment, and sisters house forever. You were super helpful and I really love this.  Thanks so much. Barbara S.

S.V. (MI): Nov. 2017 Hi Don, I just wanted you to know that we were VERY PLEASED with the pads and extension legs! FABULOUS WORK!!  THANK YOU AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOURS!

J.O. (OH) Dec 2017: Just wanted to let you know that we received the table extension yesterday and it looks great! Thank you for the prompt service and quality product.

E.P. (CA) Dec 2017: Thanks to Heartland, I seated four generations of my family at one table for Christmas dinner! Heartland Table Pads went above and beyond to turn my table that seats 10 into a table that seats 20. The pads were delivered on time and were perfect. In fact, the quality and design exceeded expectations. But that's not all. Three days before my big dinner, I decided I wanted more wiggle room. Heartland made a 12" extension same day to get it to me on time. But that's not all! A few days after my dinner, I received an email from Don, owner of Heartland, that actual shipping costs were less than expected and the overage I was charged, was refunded to my PayPal account. What more can we ask for? Quality product, exceptional service, integrity. Thank you, Heartland. I wish there were more businesses like yours! 

K.S. (OR): March 2018: It arrived on time and I am so pleased with it. Workmanship is perfect and excellent quality. Here are the before and after pictures. We planned for seating of 6 but I can squeeze in 8 with two smaller chairs. Now no one has to sit at the kids' table for holiday dinners. I have to find a large tablecloth but for now, a quilt works fine. Thank you so much; it was a pleasure to work with you. By the way, the packaging was unreal! That box traveled to Oregon with a few dents but the extenders were in perfect shape. K.S.

M.W. (NY) June 2018: Hi Don, I just wanted to report that the table pads/extension have arrived safely and they are well fitting and of high quality. The leg assembly was easy and the extended table fits into the space intended. The five section pads give me maximum flexibility. I guess the only surprise was that for some reason I thought the legs folded into the body of the pads, as opposed to requiring that I remove them or add them depending on whether I am extending the table. In any case, the process is quite easy and there is no risk of scratching the table which I feared with my mistaken belief that the legs folded in. Thank you for your help and careful attention during the entire process.

Best regards, M.W.


B.B. (CA) We are thrilled with our table pad extensions. We have gone from 10 to place seating for 14+. See photos

Table Extension Pad With Added Leg Supports


54"- 56" Accommodates up to SEVEN people

58"- 62" Accommodates up to EIGHT people

64"- 70" Accommodates up to NINE people

72"          Accommodates up to TEN people

Produced in TWO sections, each folding in half

72"- 76" Accommodates up to TEN people

78"- 82" Accommodates up to ELEVEN people

84"          Accommodates up to TWELVE people

Produced in THREE sections, each folding in half


54"    $179.00               64"    $239.00

56"    $189.00               66"    $259.00

58"    $199.00               68"    $279.00

60"    $219.00               70"    $289.00

62"    $229.00               72"    $299.00


74"    $329.00            80"    $379.00

76"    $339.00            82"    $399.00

78"    $359.00            84"    $419.00

NOTE: If you want to buy more than TWO Round Extension Pads, please call us for the price and shipping estimate. 

NOTE: If you want to buy more than ONE 74" to 84" Round Extension Pads, please call us for the price and shipping estimate.

Apr. 2019 (S.W.) Feel free to use. The table top is spectacularly perfect. Fit the space beyond comprehension. Love love love it. I can seat four, six, eight, 10, or 12.